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Step 1 - Signup with TrafficHaus

To get started, please create an advertiser account with Traffichaus, if you don't already have one. You can also read more about advertising opportunities offered by Traffichaus.

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Step 2 - Get approved

Once you submit the application, your Traffichaus advertiser account is pending approval and you should receive a welcome email. To speed up the approval process, make a quick reply to the welcome email or contact Traffichaus.


Step 3 - Add funds

Before you can start receiving traffic, you first have to add funds to your fresh account. More details on the process can be found on their help page.


Step 4 - Create campaign

Lastly, create your campaign and add banners to it. On the campaign options, make sure that, under "Site Targeting", you select "Premium" and check our website on the provided list. See the screenshot below.
TH Campaign


Step 5 - PROFIT

As soon as the campaign you've created gets approved, high quality traffic will start flowing in. Awesome!